1. A rainy day in Odaiba ~  雨の日のお台場〜

    Odaiba is an area of Tokyo that is entirely built on reclaimed land! It’s also home to a lot of of things made for spending the day there with friends or on a date! There’s a mini theme park with a roller coaster! An old style theme park, a ferris wheel, an onsen theme park (which we also went to that day), a kind of beach thing (better on a sunny day! haha), views of the city and the rainbow bridge (that lights up in different colours late at night) and 4 or 5 massive department stores which have not only every shop you could wish for but also food courts and restaurants, game centres and I think a cinema in one of them! 

    Basically its a great place for a day out without having to go far out of the city or spending a load on transport!! haha We went here for the first day of Golden Week, a week of consecutive national holidays in Japan! Something for the average salaryman to look forward to! haha This post is just a few photos from around the main area of Odaiba but I’ll put the onsen theme park in a separate post as you could easily go to odaiba just for that! 


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